Testimonials for Now Health Coaching

The journey to a healthier lifestyle requires support and encouragement to work through the challenging times. Creating a lighter you is possible with the right techniques, guidance and support, but don't just take my word for it. Here are a few of my clients recounting their journey to a life free of restrictive dieting. 

Mrs MD's Weight Release Journey

During the last four months of my inspirational cooperation with Meenal I have lost around 10 kgs. I appreciate very much Meenal’s holistic attitude to health and weight management. She has encouraged me to introduce gradual healthy changes into my entire life style, which included apart from changing my old eating habits - sleeping, breathing, stress management and positive mind-set. Becoming attentive and reflective I discovered my needs and problems, which now I am trying to fulfil or solve. I am immensely grateful for this adventure of discovering the real me.

MD, London, September 2018

Emese's Weight Release Journey

"I have been suffering with being overweight since my teenage years and achieving weight loss felt near impossible since I've been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost a decade ago. Meeting Meenal has been one of the most fortunate encounters in my life. Her advice took my whole situation into account and her advice helped me find the persistence that I lacked to far in starting a healthier life. She made me understand how my admittedly grim outlook on life in the past and my negative patterns of thought stopped me from succeeding. With her guidance I feel better in my own skin than I have ever felt and I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey and enjoying life the way I haven't before." (Emese, 27 year old)

Lucy's Weight Release Journey

Lucy Hermans, London, UK

Zeina's Weight Release Journey

I think the health coaching programme is the answer to what has been missing from all the diets I have tried in the past. Although initially I wanted to lose weight, I have discovered that I have become healthier in many ways. I am more relaxed and I appreciate people, relationships, relaxation and even food better.

Actually I now view food very differently to what I did 3 months ago!! I have discovered mindfulness because of you!! As I said many times thank you for being patient, professional and so calm all the time while dealing with my ups and downs, happy times and disappointments. The 20 min meal / breathing techniques / fullness and hunger and sugar restricted diet are tools that I find invaluable and that I will use in the future. You have listened carefully every single time we met and you were extremely flexible to suit my needs. I am immensely grateful for that. I am happy to recommend the programme to my friends and family.

Zeina M, London, UK

Carole Ann's Weight Release Journey

Most women know the calorific count of a prawn to a poppadum yet no diet seems to work. The same for me. My body was like a bellows: going in and out - sometimes slim and other times unbearable. The most amazing thing about working with Meenal on her XYZ course unearthing the deep emotional reasons why we hold on to our weight, what we resist holds us back and how our happiness and stress levels make us hold onto weight. I feel free, hopeful and enlightened and 100% sure I will now release my surplus weight and lead and happier and less restricted life. Already feel and look better. An amazing eye opening process and Meenal is kind, positive, unjudgmental and a very supportive guide on this incredible journey!

Jan's Weight Release Journey

I have recently completed Meenal’s 12 session programme and found the whole experience to be both supportive and motivational.   The lack of focus on weighing myself and diet was so refreshing, I learnt so much from Meenal in respect to the importance of valuing and looking after myself and the benefits of introducing new habits to gain control of my eating and nourish myself.  Meenal is kind and non-judgemental and gave me the time and space to explore the improvements I could make.  I have learnt so much from Meenal, I already feel fitter and more mobile and I am confident that when I apply my learnings more consistently I will release the weight that I don’t need anymore!  Thank you Meenal, working with you was one of the best decisions I made last year.

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Jan G, London

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