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Self Care and Weight Loss

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

We’ve all done it…running around like headless chickens, working the 9-5 , looking after children, taking care of others, juggling 101 tasks all at once. There is one important thing we all forget to do or send to the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list and that is self care!

Why is self care so important?

Looking after yourself and thinking about your needs may sound a little selfish to some but it is completely the opposite of what you think it is…Just imagine if you’re run down, tired and have forgotten to nurture yourself. From this depleted state, you are interacting with others such as your family, friends and colleagues. How can they possibly receive the best version of you? And if you want to help others and be there for them, how can you serve from exhaustion, frustration and stress?

What has self care got to do with weight loss?

Lack of self care and taking time out leads to stress and fatigue. These are common triggers for reaching out for food when we're not hungry which makes it difficult to lose weight. In a stressed state it is difficult to listen to what our body truly needs and miss our hunger and fullness signals. Self care allows you to be more connected with your body so that you're able to make better choices for yourself.

How to introduce more self care into your life:

1. Make time for yourself even if it starts with 10 minutes a day or 1 hour per week. Start off slowly but make that commitment as you are worth it.

2. First thing in the morning is a good time when the mind is not racing 100 miles per minute. Ideally before the children are up and when it is quiet in he house

3. Think about simple basic steps you can take for self care….don’t make it too hard for yourself. Make it easy and fun.

4. After you have spent some time for yourself, acknowledge how it made you feel, and what else you would like to do and notice any benefits you felt on the day or the week. You could keep a journal as well. It helps to seal in the benefits and the new behaviour so you are more likely to repeat it again.

Self care means ALL of you!

Self care means taking care of all parts of YOU:

Body (physical)

Mind (intellectual)

Heart (emotional)

Spirit (spiritual)

Self care activities

  • Physical self care: exercises/ movement to boost your stamina, strength or flexibility. Have a manicure, beauty treatment, massage, hot bath. Clear the clutter, and create a space that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Gardening, or walking out side in nature.

  • Intellectual self care: Intend a day to focus on being positive. Try reading or watching something inspirational and uplifting. Learn a new skill or language, b creative with arts and crafts, listen to music, sing, play an instrument, participate in stimulating discussions or book clubs, take up a class in something you enjoy.

  • Emotional self care: Accept where you are right now, set appropriate boundaries for healthier relationships, and spend quality time with friends and family, practice forgiveness as letting go of anger and resentment helps free up emotional energy. Be vulnerable; this allows you to connect closely with others and frees you from the need to be perfect. If needed, gain additional support from coaches, counsellors or therapists for emotional support.

  • Spiritual Self care: Practice mindfulness. Be fully present in whatever you’re doing to experience pleasure and meaning, whether it is eating, talking, working or having fun, try meditation, look for the good in others, keep a gratitude diary and write down what you feel grateful for, practise acts of kindness, see problems as opportunities for growth.

Taking care of YOU is essential for weight loss and your overall well being and happiness. Take care of you and you can take care of others.

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