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5 Reasons why most diets don't work

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Being an NHS dietitian for 18 years, I've seen 100's of patients with the same stories...'I have tried everything and I just can't lose the weight!', 'I've yo yo dieted all my life', 'I know what I should be doing but it's too difficult to resist those foods', 'I eat really healthy meals and exercise regularly but the weight just won't shift'

Those are just a few of the things that I hear. Dieting takes over people's lives and stops them from living the amazing, joyous life that they deserve. Here are 5 reasons why diets do not work:

  1. What you resist persists! Diets are full of rules, restrictions and food deprivation. The more you resist something, the more you want it! That's just how our human minds work. Eventually our subconscious thinking and habitual behaviours pull us back to our old ways.

  2. One size does not fit all: We are all unique. We have different appetites, physical activity levels, thoughts and life experiences that shape us. One size does not fit all. How about listening to our own body? We underestimate our body's own wisdom... When we were born, we knew exactly when we were hungry and when we were full. Do we truly listen and honour our hunger and fullness as an adult? Instead we look to a diet to define what and how much we eat and go against what are body truly needs...this causes conflict within us and eventually we go back to what feels comfortable...our old eating and lifestyle habits.

  3. Emotional triggers: Diets do not deal with the emotional triggers to food. Yes of course you know eating that tub of ice-cream in the evening is not good for you but you've had a rough day, you're tired and need a pick me up, you're upset, or you just want to relax so you ditch the diet.

  4. Self awareness & breaking habits: Diet do not teach you self awareness and to be present. In order to change a lifelong habit, the first step is to be aware of what is going on right now. Remember, a habit is something you don't need to think about. It's just automatic. So in order to change it, you first need to bring it into awareness.

  5. Be kind, loving and feel good! : Diets don't teach you to be kind and loving to yourself and to feel good. Why is this important? Well just imagine you are coming from a place of feeling guilty, not good enough, or 'I don't deserve..'. How will that affect your food choices? You are more likely to make better choices in your food and in your life when you are feeling good!

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