Elite Book Club

Open Book

A Book Club with a Difference!

Yearly Membership: £150

Pay As You Go: £15

This is not just any Book Club.....

Do you want to elevate your life - have more confidence, more joy and more focus in creating the magical life and vibrant dynamic health that you desire? Well let me share something with you....Change starts from within... transform your inner world and your outer world will change like magic!! 


In this book club you will experience the following:

- A deeper understanding of yourself through the powerful life changing books we read and discuss. 

- Accountability and support to help you stay focused in your personal growth journey

- Discover how to use the tools that you already possess to create an inner transformation so that you can choose the life you want to live.

- Keynote speakers who will inspire, uplift and increase your belief levels that we really are divine creators of our reality! 

Are you ready to change your thoughts to create a magical life ?