Discover Weight Release with Now Health Coaching

Weight Loss

Weight Release Discovery Session

(Free, no-obligation 45-minute session)

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you from losing weight and living your life to the max

  • Develop a powerful vision of your life without excessive weight

  • Get clarity on how to release your weight step-by-step in 90 days

  • Experience the powerful possibilities of weight release without restrictive dieting 


Release Your Weight: 90 Day Intensive (12 sessions)

 Transformation in 90 days...


  • Sign up for the full package and receive a free introductory gift to start you on your journey

  • Learn to tap into your own body's wisdom to release your weight. 

  • Find the power to change habits and behaviour that hold you back

  • Discover what works for you to become the best version of yourself

Lose Weight

Release Your Weight: 6 Week Journey

  • Gain the tools in 6 weeks to start creating a positive transformation

  • Learn powerful motivational techniques to sustain change

  • Discover how to eat food for optimal digestion and nutrition

  • Explore how to get more from your food without overeating or dietary restrictions

  • Discover vital tips on how to release your weight

Mindful Eating

Weight Release Workshops

Find workshops to suit your needs on:

  • Weight Release

  • The importance of a positive mindset

  • Techniques for sustained transformation

  • Body mindfulness

  • Emotional eating

  • and many more

  • Find out more on the events page for updates on current events


Beautiful Women

Feel Good Now Coaching Programme

  • Learn how to manage your emotions and start living a more joyful life

  • Discover how joy can be independent of outside circumstances

  • Watch the magic happens in your life when your start to feel good inside

  • Discover how your body and mind possess an innate intelligence that can transform your life.

  • Create the life you want from joy and inspiration