Sensual Eating & Weight Loss

I'm going to let you in on six sensuality secrets that will give you more pleasure from your food! But first, why am I talking about eating and sensuality in the same sentence? Researchers have estimated that as much as 30-40% of our digestive response to a meal is due to the Cephalic Phase Digestive Response or CPDR. So what is CPDR and why is it important? CPDR simply put means that the thought, sight and smell of food stimulates gastric secretions to prepare for the digest

Self Care and Weight Loss

We’ve all done it…running around like headless chickens, working the 9-5 , looking after children, taking care of others, juggling 101 tasks all at once. There is one important thing we all forget to do or send to the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list and that is self care! Why is self care so important? Looking after yourself and thinking about your needs may sound a little selfish to some but it is completely the opposite of what you think it is…Just imagine if you’re run down, ti

5 Reasons why most diets don't work

Being an NHS dietitian for 18 years, I've seen 100's of patients with the same stories...'I have tried everything and I just can't lose the weight!', 'I've yo yo dieted all my life', 'I know what I should be doing but it's too difficult to resist those foods', 'I eat really healthy meals and exercise regularly but the weight just won't shift' Those are just a few of the things that I hear. Dieting takes over people's lives and stops them from living the amazing, joyous life t