Hi, I'm Meenal
My eighteen years as a dietician in the NHS has given me privileged insight into the challenges of weight loss. I have specialised in a range of conditions, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and now understand the importance of mindset and the holistic approach.

Developing a Mindset for Change

There’s more to weight loss programmes than knowing what to eat. Exploring the psychology behind dieting, through my own journey, I developed a powerful mindset for change. I can help you cultivate a positive attitude and release your weight without unnecessary food restrictions.

UK Registered Dietitian

Release Weight from the Inside Out

Releasing weight starts with positive habits, increased confidence and an empowered mentality. The holistic approach to health and wellbeing ensures success to allow you to live a liberated life


I coach all my clients to feel happier about themselves so they can live a more inspired life. Working from the inside out means that the changes have a more profound effect.

How do the Weight Release Sessions Work?

Weight loss

A 12-sesssion course allows you to achieve substantial change. Now Health Coaching’s 1-hour sessions can be booked on a weekly or fortnightly basis according to your specific needs.


Consultation sessions usually work on a face-to-face basis, but Skype calls are just as effective.

Am I the Right Dietitian and Health Coach for You?

The path to weight loss is a personal and emotional journey that needs a coach with emotional intelligence and one that you connect with. Find out more about me and see whether we could work together to liberate your weight. A free, no-obligation discovery session for 45 minutes will cost nothing but your time.