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       Hi, I'm Meenal

My eighteen years as a dietician in the NHS has given me privileged insight into the challenges of weight loss. I have specialised in a range of conditions, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. I now understand the importance of mindset and the holistic approach.


Developing a Mindset for Change


There’s more to weight loss programmes than knowing what to eat. Exploring the psychology behind dieting, through my own journey, I developed a powerful mindset for change. I can help you cultivate a positive attitude and release your weight without unnecessary food restrictions.

Stop Yo Yo dieting
  • ​Your weight has yoyoed most of your life

  • Diets make you feel deprived and restricted

  • Your emotional eating affects your best intentions

  • You feel stuck, physically and emotionally

  • You feel your body is holding you back

Now Health Coaching can Help You if...

Your Body Follows Intention

With weight loss, the right intention guarantees success. Having a focused goal will empower you to liberate yourself from the burden of old habits. Learn how to break free from repeated patterns of behaviour. Now Health Coaching gives you the tools to release your weight effortlessly

Steady Support, not Dietary Denial

Establishing a healthy mindset is possible with the right support. Believing in the outcome and being encouraged along the way, makes the goal inevitable. Now Health Coaching understands the journey and will help you discover your capacity for change

Find the Power –

Release the Weight

Start your journey to a lighter, healthier you. Find your power and liberate yourself from the heavy burden of overeating, dieting and distress.


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Weight Release Testimonials

I lost 1 ½ stone during my 12 week course, with no difficulty at all because Meenal gave me the tools to use. Without thinking, I started making the right choices which now have become a habit…

Lucy Hermans, London UK

…the health coaching programme is the answer to what has been missing from all the diets I have tried in the past

Zeina, London, UK

Free 45 minute Weight Release Discovery Session